Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First Attempt at A Diaper Cake

Happy Birthday! Baby Everett David Fremgen!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camo Bibs, Burpees, Taggies, etc

I made more stuff, and I already cut my reversible apron i'll be making next, just have to pin it up. Maybe it will be my first tutorial that I post, if I don't get admitted tomorrow. I also cut out another baby blanket, it is made of dashed cotton fabric in white and pastels and on the other side a minky soft white velour fabric....cozy! Just like the fabric on the Burpees below:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bibs, Burps, Swaddle Blankets and More Projects

Found a pattern for some different burp cloths and modified it a little to make them bigger, they measure approx 9 X 13. I think if I make any more I will make them at least 20" so they can drape more over the back. Turned out ok with this Jungle Flannel and White Flannel Back. This is the original tutorial that I adapted: Easy Peasy Burp Cloth Tutorial

Finished 2 more Bibs For Aiden that I made my own pattern for. This time without a front pocket. I cut out 2 main bib portions and realized I wouldn't have enough for the pocket. Oh well. Next time i'll be smarter than the fabric.

Later today I'm going to make one of the swaddle blankets that I found a tutorial for at the same website (Pictured Immediately Below): Easy Peasy Swaddle Sheet Tutorial

I also want to try and get started on a few aprons, one tutorial for a super cute Cafe Apron (Seen Below, Next Picture) made out of pillow cases is here: Cafe Apron Tutorial

And after that one similar to this trendy one by Jessie Steel, possibly in a less bold fabric (Even though I love this one, i'm going to use some fabric I already have)

First Post - Beginning of Sewing Blog

First post for this sewing blog. Even though I have been non stop sewing for a few months now:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remembering Mom

My Mom died exactly one year ago today. Today was a day to remember a Mom who sacrificed so much for her children and never lacked in Love, and Understanding.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Afternoon Naps

Today I finally made something else for Jude, a camouflage bib and i'm working on a tie onesie that will hopefully bring lots of laughs and smiles.

Tomorrow i'm going to work on some smaller baby blankets with super soft minkee/minky on one side and plain cotton on the other. Should be some nice easy projects.

Oh and because I didn't feel like changing my thread tonight I also made a remote caddy because I still had black thread on my machine. I know, what a weirdo, would have taken me a lot less time to just change it and finish the tie onesie. :) Maybe i'll post a picture tomorrow.

Here is a picture of one of the onesies i'm working on, hope he'll fit into it!:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What are we doing?

The only semi-productive thing I did today was put together Aiden's Crayon Roll....In camo of course......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bib For Aiden

Finally just finished sewing this bib for little Aiden. Made it out of Pirate Flannel:) It has a pocket to catch food or to fold the bib into after a messy meal until it can be washed. Hopefully I didn't make it too large:)I just figured the more coverage with kids the better off you are!!:)

Closeup of the Pirate Ships.....arghhhhhhhhI made it so the pocket can be flipped, and the bib rolled into it, and velcro to keep it closed, especially if the bib is a mess:)
Compact Bib Rolled into itself

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jude's First Blanket

This brown baby blanket will be great when Jude finally arrives! I used a sweet quilting print i've had and loved for a long time and just haven't used with a super soft minkee/minky back:)Here is a picture:

Took forever to pin and forever to sew with soft batting between. Paul had to help me with laying out the layers so many times because my bowling ball belly makes it really difficult for me to cut and lay out fabric for large projects:) What a good hubby, he helped me with literally no complaining.

If you are interested in sewing one of these blankets they are very easy to sew. You just need to decide what size blanket you want to make and pick a nice soft cotton (quilting ones often have cute prints) cut to the size you want then choose a soft minky as a backing and cut slightly larger than the cotton. Here is a tutorial that basically explains the manner in which I constructed my blanket, only difference is that I added batting for more substance. Minky Blanket Tutorial

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nursing Cover and Fleece-Cotton Floor Blanket

I started this Nursing Cover months ago before I got a fabulous one for my shower from my friend Diana. I'm finally trying to finish up some of the many projects i've started over the last couple of months.

I utilized this tutorial to sew this Nursing Cover and modified it slightly adding a pocket on the inside for anything I might need to store:) Nursing Cover Tutorial

I also finished a trial run of the first floor blanket i'm going to sew. It is just some green quilt fabric backed with some super soft no-pill fleece. It's kinda small so the next one I will make with be at least 45 X 60 which is standard crib quilt size, even though it is for the floor:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lunch and Hanging out with Karleen and Devyn

I've been busy trying to keep busy so that I don't feel like i'm waiting for the baby to come. Seeing as how i'm in my 39th week of pregnancy. 39 weeks pregnant, never thought i'd hear myself say that! Karleen came over with Devyn for lunch today we had fun going for a walk and he tested out a taggie blankie. I am pretty sure he loves them so I made him this blankie to keep him entertained.
Tag Blanket Tutorial: Tutorial

Poor Devyn was so tired after playing and going for a walk that he was passed out. We just wanted to get a first picture of him with his soon to be buddy Jude before he makes his entrance into this world.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Taggie Baby Blankie

Tag Blanket Tutorial: Tutorial

Crayon Rolls

This is the tutorial from Skip to My Lou that I used to make these Crayon Rolls:) :Crayon Roll Tutorial

If you want to use Iron on Vinyl to protect your fabric or an alternate closure here is a revised tutorial from Skip to my Lou: Alternate Tutorial

I suggest browsing through the Skip to my Lou Blog it has a ton of information and other tutorials: Skip to my Lou

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Taggy Baby Ball

I made a taggy baby ball over the last few days also. I did a quick one with some fabric and ribbon I already had. Turned out ok I think I need to finish a little stitching on it.

You can get the tutorial for the Taggy Baby Ball and Taggy Baby Blanket here: Tag Toys

Car Seat Blanket or Tent

So this is my first attempt at making a Car Seat Tent / Blanket. For use so that when the baby actually sleeps he can stay sleepy getting in and out of the car and while running errands, etc. The Camo pattern makes me laugh!:)

Here is the link for the Car Seat Tent Tutorial: Car Seat Tent Tutorial

I did make some modifications to the tent, it is not as wide as the tutorial states to go, it is actually 32" wide instead of 37" (I used fabric I already had so I had to make due with what I had) but it really doesn't matter and I didn't make the oval they talk about. I just rounded the corners, it is just easier and more exact that way:)